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ATIMS Traffic Incident Management Services


ATIMS begins consulting with our partners to gain an initial understanding of the specific operation and the data currently being acquired. Then, ATIMS works directly to collect the data from data warehouses, databases, and reports. As we receive the data, we begin looking at relationships between the data that may drive performance metrics and operational understanding. ATIMS develops our initial visualization tools and analytic solution through a user-friendly data dashboard that is customized for the client. Once complete, we will publish the dashboard(s) and establish the frequency of updates or reports that are required. 


ATIMS offers the following services through monthly subscriptions or yearly contracts:

  1. Data Analytics and Visualization Services (Data Dashboards)

  2. Data Collection and Acquisition Applications

  3. Custom Performance Metric Reports

  4. Custom Applications for Collision Prevention and Predictive Analysis for Traffic Operations.

Traffic Operation Solutions

ATIMS provides their clients with an in-depth analysis of Traffic Incident Management operations through reports, presentations, and customized interactive user interfaces. ATIMS predominantly focuses on the data collected regarding Safety Service Patrols but is not limited to this data set. ATIMS uses the both raw data and reports generated from multiple types of data warehouses to develop the customized dashboards. ATIMS can work with almost any traffic data points collected and then provide a fully customizable and user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard provides instantaneous reports, interactive maps, trend analysis, and comparison tools that ATMS systems or data warehouses provide and most other traffic management software fails to do.

ATIMS will allow Traffic Incident Management Managers or Operation Managers to view their operations and gain a higher level of fidelity regarding their program.

The data dashboard is combined with our high level of customer service that includes monthly reports and consultations to support the National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management. 

ATIMS provides their clients with an in-depth analysis of Traffic Incident Management operations.

Please contact us today to schedule a sample dashboard webinar or for a custom proposal of services for your organization. 



Ohio Department of Transportation
Auto Base
Florida Department of Transportation
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