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LED warning led light 

Oncoming drivers can see these Led 8 pack sequential flare HL75011-8A from a distance of more than 5000 feet. Just turn on each light with a single click to protect your family and yourself in any emergency. The discs can be quickly attached to both the ground and your automobile thanks to the magnetic base. They are strong and waterproof enough to survive being run over without losing their shine.


The features of Led 8 pack sequential flare HL75011-8A

SAFETY DISCS: Activate each light with a single click to protect you and your family in case of an emergency. With our LED safety flare light kit, you may warn approaching motorists of any situation. Our safety discs are ideal for surface floats, maritime salvage IDs, police road markings, failed vehicle traffic warnings, and failed vehicle traffic warnings. They can also be used for leisure activities like camping and hiking.

ULTRA-BRIGHT: For maximum brightness, visibility, and efficiency, 15 separate LED lights are synchronized. There are nine different flashing modes for SOS rescue signals, and our lights may be seen from 5000 feet (1524 meters) out in any direction.

LONG-LASTING: 3 AAA batteries provide up to 36 hours of strong, non-diminishing brightness. A long lifespan of 100,000 hours is claimed for the brilliant LEDs.

MAGNETIC BASE: When you need to use both hands to work, our discs may be "Hands-Free" thanks to their strong neodymium magnets and folding hook. For any lighting needs, affix them to a car, watercraft, or beneath the hood!

TOUGH & RELIABLE: Our LED road emergency flares are reliable and tough; they are waterproof, crushproof, and shockproof. Our discs are composed of industrial-strength plastic that is especially tough to ensure durability, and they are covered with a waterproof substance to ensure electronic safety in damp environments.

LED Sequential Flare-Rechargeable 8 Pack

SKU: AHL75011-8A
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