Professional Consulting and Data Visualization Services

Serving Government Agencies, Municipalities and Private Corporations


  • Consult traffic operations

  • Analyze large amounts of data which is easily understood through data visualization

  • Provide custom data analytic solutions

  • Create interactive dashboards

  • Help clients make better informed decisions

  • Build streamlining applications

  • Provide custom reports and predictive analysis 


Informed Decision-Making

Informed Decision-Making

Predictive and systemic analyses to improve on traditional decision-making approaches that rely on subjective and limited quantitative measures of specific data being measured.

Targeted Investment

Agencies and private companies use the analyses to optimize funding and allocating resources to appropriate areas.

Improved Safety

Improved Safety

A tactical data-driven approach to allocating resources that results in fewer fatal and serious injury crashes on the roadway.



ATIMS was created to provide insightful and valuable information to our clients through data analysis leading them to make better informed decisions. We deliver our data anlaytics through a user-friendly and highly customizable dashboards. ATIMS helps bridge the barrier that exists between data and operations. Our unique approach allows our partners to more clearly understand their operation as well as help them predict future patterns based on historical trends.


ATIMS staff bring decades of experience in traffic incident management, military operations, IT, and data analytics. This unique combination brings an innovative way for traffic incident managers to view their operation.

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